Founded in 1997 by Carol Veillon, Quiltmania, The Quilt Magazine, is a thriving little business nowadays, that requires all the hard working energy of a passionate and enthusiastic team to publish the magazine every other month in 3 languages (French, Dutch and English), Special Season Issues in French and English but also an average of 8–10 quilt books every year.

In June 2008, we moved into our new premises with quilts on the walls and a beautiful Japanese garden in the Pays de Loire area, very close to Nantes.
Here is a little introduction to the team to help you put faces to your correspondents :

Sophie Alexander : 
After a BA Hons in Music from Exeter University, she takes all wholesale / shop orders for France and abroad. 
Her speciality : she speaks the language of Shakespeare like no-one else because she is British !
Lionel Pierret :
He handles the Accounts Department, he manages fund transportations and he will certainly win the "Fashion" Tie Contest 
Elodie Beillevert : 
It has been nearly 10 years that she is in front of its keyboard  illustrating with talent your favorite magazine and a large part of our Quiltmania books.
Sébastien Toffol : 
Since 2006, he trains a perfect duet with Elodie for the graphic designing of our books, Special Issues and also he gives us a precious help each time we need a strong man !

Christelle Lévêque : 
She became a member of the team when our office was still in a cabin. After enduring freezing winters and scorching summers, she’s now as cosy as a princess in her palace to work with our valued advertisers, to do our PR and organise our participation in shows (among other things…).
Mathilde Caubet : 
Our “youngest child”, pink and fresh, her I phone transplanted in the hand, you will have guessed that she is in the communication department :  web site, blogs, newsletters, Facebook and the other networks are its playground and of course is very involved in the organization of The Pour l’Amour du Fil Show (For the Love of thread Show) in Nantes –France-.

Béatrice Airaud  : 
She works as bees in the hive with the tremendous task of writing project instructions for the magazine, special issues and Quiltmania’s books. Special peculiarity: she is very talented quilt-wise, which means lots of projects for you…

Fatiha Jourdan & Nathaly Hoareau : 
Editor in chief and Artistic Director of the beautiful Carnets de Scrap magazine; Nathaly and Fatiha join The QUILTMANIA EDITIONS Team since September, 2012! This great team offer you 4 times a year a very beautiful magazine of scrap full of creative talents.
Let us not forget Nico, our favorite computer expert and irreplaceable webmaster whom we continuously harass, and who is the author of this web-site.
And yours truly, Carol Veillon, 
founder, Conductor, Executive Director, multitasking editor, more enthusiastic and passionate than ever!

Guy Yoyotte-Husson
 : Our artist photographer who has been shooting photos for our magazines and special issues in a very talented way since issue n°2. Moreover, he’s a true friend, someone we can really rely on.


Our translators from all over the world!
Sabine PoenDini Bouwers and Marion Lenting for the Dutch edition
Elisabeth Fuchs and Margaret Hamilton for the English edition
Sandrine LénéMakiko Morange and Marie-Claude Tsuruya for our Japanese books
And the technical committee:  Renée FerréMichèle Beugnon,  Jacqueline Coiffard et Georgette Cloître.